Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tuesdays With Morrie....

Though am not a voracious reader, this book - Tuesdays With Morrie, one of the best sellers, inspired me a lot. A must read for everyone.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a heartwarming story told from the point of view of someone with a lot to learn. He is one who has struggled with many things, and through Morrie he learns a lot about life. Simply by spending time with someone, you can learn a great deal, not only about them and their life, but about yourself and your own life. In Tuesdays with Morrie, we too are able to learn the things that we’ve always wanted to learn, and we too are able to figure out fact from fiction in this way. The book is one that is heart warming at the same time that it is devastating. You’ll find that through Morrie you too can learn about your life, and through Tuesdays with Morrie you can learn much more about the world than you ever thought possible. The book Tuesdays with Morrie can help you get through just about anything in your own life.

If you guys find time check out this video, a speech by Mitch Albom the author of this book, to get a gist of what this book about -

Friday, September 21, 2007


When I was going through "Ananda Vikatan" several months back, I had a chance to read this kavithai, an awesome one but I don't remember the lyricist name. Hats off to that poet!!!

மி்க சிறிய கவிதை ஒன்று கேட்டார்கள்
நான் "அம்மா" என்றேன்....
கேட்டது அம்மாவாக இருந்தால்
இன்னும் சிறியதாக சொல்லியிருப்பேன்
"நீ" என்று.....

Loss of your loved ones.....

After a big tragedy a month back, I had enough time to think about this topic. I thought I will pen my thoughts about this in this post. Kind of philosophical though :)

"Death" - It can happen to anyone. Destiny can strike suddenly, changing your life forever.
When there is birth, there will be death, too. It is the universal law of nature, yet the human mind does not want to accept this truth.

When a loved one dies, our minds become numb. We want to cling on, we refuse to let go because of our worldly attachments and relationships.

I remember an age-old truth that crying, a human enters this world - and on leaving, leaves behind so many in tears. The way to remember your loved ones, who have quit the race of life, is to make their loss your strength, so that it transforms into the power that makes you strive.

Death is something which can be very sudden and unannounced. For some it is painful; for others, too sudden. There are souls waiting for death, there are souls escaping from death.

The death of a loved one can throw you into deep depression, and can wreck you emotionally, physically, mentally. But remember, there is not a single person out there,who has not suffered this pain. You can't escape from this. There is no other go. You have to live with it.

Death is universal. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy; you have to however face it by holding your wits together.For yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is the most important of all. Live every moment to the full. When my dad died, I was devastated. I was tempted to give in to emotions of revenge, anger, resentment and burning fury. Could this turmoil in me bring back my dad alive? No.

It's always very tough to overcome the loss of your loved ones. I know how painful it is as I have experienced very recently. One way to overcome the pain is cry out as much as you can.Do not feel ashamed of your sadness and grief by trying to contain or hide it. If you feel ashamed go to a lonely place ( your room) and then cry out your pain.Tears are always meant to cleanse and relieve. Pour your heart to someone very close to you whom do you think that talking to him/her will make you feel better. You will feel kind of relieved.

Though it's very difficult to overcome the loss, remember that "Love cannot lose itself" - Actually you have not lost. Your loved one is living in a new dimension, yet close to you. Probably your loved ones deservers a much better place than this world!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ilaiyaraja - The Maestro

Finally i started a blog!

Ilayaraja - This man exceeds superlatives.What a gift it must be to be able to move others' souls?When I thought of having a blog a couple of days back, the first thing I thought about writing was his music. The peace of mind you get from hearing his songs is an incredible experience.Amazing Ilaiyaraja!

For a guy like me who has no knowledge of either classical music or western music, it is simply the music that needs to seduce me into hearing it , and ilayaraja does that superbly.

Here is my playlist - My all time favourite Top 25 songs of "Isai Gnani". Most of his songs are too good. But I have listed only 25 songs. Sorry if I've missed any good songs.

25. ei aatha aathoroma - payanangal mudivathillai
24. vellai pura ondru - pudhu kavithai
23. Poongatru puthiranathu - Moondram pirai
22. oru devathai pol oru penningu - gopura vasalilae
21. Palamuthir solai - Varusham 16
20. Then madurai vaigai nathi - Dharmathin Thalaivan
19. Germay in senthaen malarae - ullassa paravaigal
18. enna satham intha neram - punnagai mannan / Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu - Agni natchtahram
17. Vaa Venilla - Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu
16. kaatu kullae manasu kullae - Thalapathy
15. Uravugal Oru Thodur Kadai - aval appadithan
14. pillai nila - neengal ketavai
13. Ilaiya Nila - Payanangal Mudivathillai
12. Mandram Vantha - Mouna Ragam
11. raja raja cholan - rettai vaal kuruvi
10. poovae sem poovae - solla thudikuthu manasu
9. mayil pola ponnu onnu - bharathi
8. anjali anjali ( slow and sad one) - Anjali
7. keladi kanmani - puthu puthu arthangal
6. ethetho ennam valarthaen - punnagai mannan
5. Thenpandi Cheemayilae - Nayagan
4. kannae kalaimanae - moondram pirai
3. amma endru - Mannan
2. janani janani - Thaai Mookambikai
1. yamunai aatrilae/ chinna thaai aval - thalapathi (both were simply mind blowing)

As far as I'm concerned music is something that will take you through every emotions. The best part about his songs is when you are alone, ilaiyaraja songs will take you through almost every emotions. You feel like flying,laughing and of course, crying at times ;) as most of his songs are very close to my heart.I couldn't find this in any of the songs of other music directors.
When you are alone, close your eyes, just chillax hearing some of his songs. Your mind will be refreshed.